Paid Membership - $0.99/year


50 Local Ads (only local Ads are allowed)


5 images per Ad



Service accepts this payment methods:

´╗┐Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, Masterpass´╗┐´╗┐


Price for posting, editing, showing ads for 1 year equal $0.99

Our service has only this price option at now. For this price you can place ads within 1 year. You can place, edit, show up to 50 ads. Each ad may have up to 5 images. After 1 year your Paid Membership ("Service") is finished and ads will be not visible for world after 7 days period. You cannot post or edit your ads but ads still will be visible within 7 days. To continue use Service after finishing of paid period you may again make payment for the next year. Ads will be shown after payment automatically.


How this works?


- sign up to your Account. It's free. To your email will be sent link to verify email

- enter contact information

- verify your mobile phone (in your Account to your mobile phone will be sent SMS code)

- make payment $0.99 in your Account for 1 year. Our Service don't store your payment data. When you pay, payment is processed on the payment's gateway authorization page where you can select secure payment method. Our Service uses only secure methods where you make payment in one click, you no need to enter your card details, CVV and confidential data. After payment you will be redirected to your Account.

- now you may post, edit, show up to 50 ads in your Account for visitors of our Service



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