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May 16, 2018
May 16, 2018
May 16, 2019
ELEVATOR BUCKETS are vessel type parts attached to the main machine for loading and unloading of material. These buckets are deep and have their own volume and capacity unlike other parts in the machine that is blades, plates etc.Elevator Buckets in engineering are totally different from the ones used in day to day life. These buckets differ in shapes, sizes and volume. These are made from durable and lightweight material for longer life and easy carriage.

SIZE : Elevator Bucket can be of a normal size and of a really large size depending upon the need and purpose.

DESIGN : These are of different designs according to the purpose they are used for and depending upon the need too. Like in mining concrete buckets are used which are of large size and on the other rice industry or any other grain industry consists of comparatively smaller and lightweight buckets.

TYPES : Concrete buckets, clamshell buckets, electric truck buckets, excavator buckets, ladder buckets (elevator buckets).

The three main and important features of elevator buckets are :

LIGHTWEIGHT : they need to be lightweight for easy carrying, loading and unloading of material.

TOUGH : they need to be tough for longer life, more loading and for saving time.

RUST RESISTANT : buckets resistant to rust last longer and are safe for the machine as well.

SUMMARY : Elevator Buckets are the main part of bucket elevator and they should be of excellent quality and capacity according to purpose. Buckets are of different sizes and shapes according to the place they are used in. They should be rust resistant, tough and lightweight for greater output.
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