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Tabmiles- A Field Force Management Software - Price: Rs. 0

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Saurabh Kumar

Mohali Sas Nagar
160055 (map)
November 12, 2018
November 12, 2018
November 12, 2019
TabMiles is a Mobile Field Fore Management solution for managing field staff real time activities including Geo attendance, Leave management & Paytoll, Expenses approval (All part of our HRMS offering) , Real Time Activities reports, Tours and Planner thru Mobile, Daily activities and Sales reports, Order punching, CRM update, Leads generation and Geo Fencing.

What do we do?

1. TABMILES- help businesses to manage and share important client data through mobile. With TabMiles, employers have access to employees’ attendance/ payroll data, timesheet approvals, their real time activities, meetings details with clients’ remarks, total distance travelled, DSR (Daily Sales reports), expenses validations & approvals, tour planning, daily task activities, order punching, group chat etc.
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2. TABMILES –boosts an organization’s efficiency resulting in an upside in revenues and productivity. It further helps you to manage, control and grow your resources/business effectively. This tool helps employers to be on top of employees’ activities resulting in increased employee efficiency, better yield and steady business growth, helping accomplish financial goals and much more.

Why Us?

• Do you face daily challenges to manage clients/prospects and having difficulties to track and manage employee's attendance, payroll data, timesheet entries, expenses validation, real-time activities, client related information such as feedback and preferences and are also losing valuable productivity due to lack of communication?
• Most employers have no access to manage and see clients and employees real-time activities.
• Employees not able to achieve the assigned goals in time and Employers not able to analyze reasons for the poor performance.
• Not able to track and manage employees meetings and schedules.
• Facing difficulties to analyze performance report gaps and dips between different teams working in the field.
• Worried about poor yield even after providing each required tool to your employees.
• Ending up paying irrelevant expenses in sack of travel & meal allowances.
• Not able to review and analyze feedback from clients in time.

Features of TABMILES:-

Below are all standard features which could be enabled/disabled based on your needs-

• Attendance, Leave and Expenses Approval for all Staff
• Location / Geo based, Real-Time tracking (even off line) & reporting for employees when they are out in the field for work.
• In built hierarchy (you can create/amend and update hierarchy/reporting based on your needs)
• Monitor your field staff movements in real-time and get a daily report of their travel
• Task Management – Employers can assign task to employees.
• Tour planning for Physical Verification of warehouses and scheduling thru mobile
• Order Punching from mobile – Manage orders from Dealers and Retailers with Delivery date and Payment details, This can be effectively implemented to all dealers/distributors to bring them under 1 system for order punching and any issues/ grievance reports
• Manage and validate expenses along with mileage reporting.
• Plan your production and distribution based on real-time orders.
• Hours and GPS Based Attendance (Day In/Day Out and Break) thru easy & one click “Check In” and “Check Out”.
• Electronic Brochure Uploading capability (You can save your play list for different combinations)
• Auto Customize Daily Sales Report – Any company can customize their DSR based on their requirement.
• A great way to get your CRM and know what is happening on each client
• Attendance, timesheet and payroll management.
• E-signature by the client / customer in the mobile application to validate visit hours and time.
• Communicate with employee with inbuilt Interactive secured messenger on the go including group chats
• Extract detailed daily, weekly, monthly reports for one or all employees on the go.
• Reporting would assist in Metric / Performance based recognition for employees.
• Cool dashboard where you can pull all reports from web.

Use Cases of TabMiles in Different Industries/Verticals –

Below are some of the industries/Clients who have been using above features to address their respective needs-

• Pharma Sector , Health & Personal Care – Our Current Clients are Apollo, Elk TeK Pharma, Gopal Life Sciences, Franklin Labs
• WareHousing – NBHC, PUNSUP, Pungrain
• Agro Industries – Rainbow Corp, Supreme Agro, Mani Shankar Oils
• Banking and Insurance – Haryana Agri Bank
• TeleCom – Reliance Group
• Hosiery and Knitting – Monte Carlo, Kidley
• FMCG and Manufactures – Verka, VITA, MarkFed
• Dealers and Distributors – Tapan Hyundai, GenX Distributors
• Guards Managements - PUNGRAIN
• Procurement and Survey Automation -SugarFed of Haryana, Rana Sugars
• Order Punching Dealers, Retailers and Distributors Management with Grieva
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