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Brighten up your look with Floral Nose Ring - Price: Rs. 700

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February 26, 2019
February 26, 2019
February 26, 2020
Brighten up your look with Floral Nose Ring

Nose Ring or Nath is a stylish and traditional piece of jewelry. The nose ring is the smallest piece of jewelry so women keep it in the treasure box carefully. Nose piercing is the body art that has been practiced in India for thousands of years.

Nath’s are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Women buy Gold, Diamond and Silver's nose rings according to their choice. Floral Nose Ring is one the type of Nath from Traditional Jewellery which is perfectly suitable for Saree or Traditional Outfits.

Nowadays, women prefer a Simple Diamond Nose ring in floral design and this has led to the demand for Diamond Floral Nose Ring. It’s an accessory that enhances facial beauty by giving a glow to the face.

Nose ring for everyone:-

There are also nose rings for people who have not pierced their nose. There is a bent nose ring that is available in floral design. Nath looks good on traditional costumes and may also be wear on Festivals, Celebrations and similar events.

In the past few years, Nath has become popular among the younger generation. Therefore, the Popular Jewelers have come up with New, Stylish and Traditional designs in the Nose Ring. Nose Ring can also be given as a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

Nose ring from Different Regions:-

• Maharashtrian Nath is the state's signature jewelry. The shape of Maharashtrian Nath is very similar to the large cashew nuts. It is filling with pearls, precious stones, beads, and jewels.
• Punjabi Nath is the most adorable. The chain is embedded with small shiny pendants all over so it becomes more beautiful.
• Nath of Uttarakhand is a big gold Nose Ring with a number of rubies, pearls, and precious stones. It signifies the status of the family and thus it is a possession for married women.
• South Indian nose rings are a little bit simpler and smaller. It has small stones and pearls, which look shiny without any extra effort.

Nose ring for different faces:-

• Women of Oval-sized faces should use Punjabi Nath. This will make a balance for your look.
• Those with a small face or small nose should try to choose a Small Nose Ring, which has a small diamond. So that your look will be sweet and simple
• If you have Sharped nose you should opt for Nathanis. This will help you to get your face beautiful and get amazing looks.
• Women with long face should choose a large nose ring because it adjusts the shape of your face and enhances the look.
• Nath without chains will look good on all face shapes.

Now, you can try a different type of Nath on your face by knowing the shape of your face. If you want to see more sparkling nose rings for stylish women like you or if you want to buy Floral Nose Ring then please visit:

Call for more info: 0253- 2345508 / 7261928404
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