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Hot Air Oven Types - Price: Rs. 100000

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July 31, 2021
July 31, 2022
The hot air oven uses dry heat to sterilize the equipment. This equipment will not melt or catch fire while heating. The process destroys the microorganisms and bacteria while heating. The temperature range of hot air oven is between 50°C to 450°C with different types. The types are listed below

1) Natural convection oven – Inside the natural convection oven the fan and the motor is not available. The air circulated naturally by the means of gravity. Hence it is also called a gravity convection oven. As the hot air oven starts operating the air gets heated up and the air flows up. The temperature is not wholly uniform in this oven.

2) Force convection oven – These types of laboratory oven has a fan and a motor assembly. So that the heated air is circulated from top to the bottom. This method provides a uniform temperature throughout the chamber and also provides the fast heat up time.

3) Side Draughts oven – This oven has the fan and the motor assembly but from the side. The hot air flows from the left to right direction or vice versa depending upon the fan placement. These hot air ovens also provide a uniform temperature distribution all over the chamber.

TEMPO Instruments provides heating solution with innovative and high-end technology through high quality to the global market. Contact us or enquire now for more details.
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