How to Post Classified Ads Without Losing Traffic

March 24, 2015

With the revolutionary world of today, the internet is a very powerful and useful tool to get the exposure or awareness that your site, product or service requires. The internet provides a number of ways to assist you with web marketing. One good method and effective way to get it done is by the use of free classified ads. Sites like Yahoo, AOL, Craiglist and eBay are some of the few great places. To be able to increase the rank of your page, free classified ads by means of SEO campaign can be used ideally. Considering that there are not just tens, hundreds or thousands yet millions of ads are posted in a day to day basis, the search engines always perform regular scanning and constant update. Search engines usually offer dynamic and new contents containing good rankings. Oftentimes, these sites have page ranking that are high of themselves. It is because they are often linked to domains that are with top level media fields like the newspapers.

Anyone interested to post classified ads even without losing traffic by following the tips below.

  1. Make sure that the site where you will post your ad has good rankings. By ensuring so, you will not lose traffic but rather will be able to improve your site visitors. It is because your ad can be able to reach greater numbers of your prospective clients.

  2. Be sure to start your ad with a sensible title. Do not just post the ads; post it with your full effort such as starting off with an interesting and attractive title.

  3. Never lose traffic again by giving your readers or avid followers something new every time. Your ad should offer something fresh and new to your visitors so they will keep on looking at your ads.

  4. Ensure that your traffic is intact when you post classified with honest description and real feedbacks from past users or customers that can attest with what you are offering.


The usage of free classified ads is not just great for selling stuff. It can likewise be used to post upcoming sale, announcement, different deals and a few others. You can be able to make a list of the top free classified ads in your location like different craiglist as well as the newspaper sites. The links to your website or affiliate program link should be directly place on the ads. This can be able to increase site traffic coming from a free site that offers classified ad along with a huge community of user base.


The best way to enhance traffic to your site is by making use of classified ads to directly advertise your product or service. It can lead greater number of people viewing your site or blog. Knowing that absolutely free classified ad sites are made available to local areas as well like community portals and sites, keeping in mind the region or locality of the ad is essential. There are also other sites that enable the ad to be viewed by various areas, regions or countries. When you are looking to advertise with the global market, you need to select a reliable site offering free classified ads that can target the area that you want. Although there are many sites that would require a fee to post an ad, like what was mentioned above, there are also a couple that enable free ad posting. One good way to guarantee that the ad that you will post read well, writing the entire ad in a text document is advisable. Then, you may want to proofread it a few times before pasting it to the desired site.

Aside from proofreading the advertisement, adding pictures would also be a sensible way to make the ad even more appealing. It will not make the ad appear realistic but it can also be helpful to make it more engaging. Keep in mind that people would always appreciate the images posted on an ad rather than reading its entire content. Hence, make sure that a picture is added to the advertisement posted on the free classified ads.

The sole reason why classified ads are very popular from then till now is because it can help with marketing and increasing the traffic.


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