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What Are The Possible Power Button Issues And Power Button Repair? - Price: Rs. 0

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November 20, 2019
November 19, 2020
How annoying it is when you realize that you need to make an urgent call but unable to do so since the power button of the phone just wouldn’t switch on? The role of a small power button on a mobile phone is pretty significant. Though on the face of it, it looks like that tiny part of the phone which is placed at one corner of the phone but the moment it becomes stiff, temperamental or unresponsive, our phone activity gets restricted.
While the most common reason of phone not turning on is thought to be a drained battery, another possible reason could be a broken power button. There could be various possible reasons of a power button failure. It could either be external button breakage because of everyday wear and tear which would need a cosmetic repair. It could also be because of the malfunctioning of the internal power button flex cable especially when you see there is no physical damage on the external button. This could happen because of the phone dropping here and there. In case, you come across such issues, contact a phone repair company like MobiGarage. They will diagnose the exact cause of the problem and would also repair it for you. Their expert team will restore the phone to normal. Don’t try repairing them on your own. These are small and delicate parts which needs expert hand. Trying them on your own can cause more harm to the phone.
So, you have finally booked a repair but while the repair is booked and you need to use the phone urgently, try these handy tips till the repair is done.
1. Try a physical object like a toothpick – This trick generally works when the power button is found to be broken or missing. Insert a pointed object like a hairpin or a toothpick on the exposed area and the screen could turn on.
2. Use fingerprint scanner – Thanks to the latest technology that you can scan your fingers to unlock the device even when you are unable to switch on the display because of the broken power button.
3. Use gesture based features – There are a few wakeup gestures that smartphones are found to be responding to. Just go to the settings of the phone and turn on features like swipe to wake or tap to wake etc. You could also try setting up an alarm on the phone. This also might work and turn on the phone screen.
4. Install external Apps – Third party apps like My Home Button, Handy Soft Keys are also found to revamp the power button functionality. Go to the settings of the phone once you have downloaded, click on accessibility, then go to simple control and turn it on. This will get you your own customized soft keys which you can use till the physical key is repaired. Not bad, isn’t it?
These were few ideas which could help you continue your work till the phone is repaired. Try them when you face this issue next and let us know what worked for you.
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