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7 Strange Facts About Cell Phone Repairs - Price: Rs. 0

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September 16, 2019
September 15, 2020
Oh! You broke your smartphone again. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. There are such interesting facts about a broken phone that can easily console you. Read these facts as they might comfort and make you feel better. There are tons of people like you who break a phone and have to book a mobile repair service in Gurgaon.

So, no worries, if you are also one of them, get a smartphone repair in Gurgaon done from MobiGarage – a company offering online mobile repair services. They offer quality mobile repair services and convenient doorstep repairs. Whether it is about screen repair, battery replacement, water damaged phone or a simple diagnosis. Hardware as well as any kind of software issues. They can repair all kinds of smartphone issues. With a qualified team of technicians in place, they can repair more than 20 brands and almost 200 respective models.

Out of total no. of smartphone users, almost 45% of them accidentally damage their phone. That’s close to half of the total users. Strange? We love our phones and still, there is such a huge population who breaks it accidentally.When we talk of accidentally damaging our phones, there are almost 38% of people who break their phone as it slips out of their hand. That’s unbelievable but true.

A person breaks his phone within 10 weeks of purchase. That’s another interesting figure. When we buy a new phone, we really take care of it like a small baby but with time, we tend to get careless and start taking our phone for granted. That’s when our chances of breaking go up.About 28% of people water damage their phones out of which 8% spill the liquid onto their device. So, make sure that you don’t carry the phone to the washroom or a pool while going for a swim. Water damaged phones can be crazy as water seeps into the phone harming the internal components of the phone.

Always try to keep the phone away from the water.If these facts were not enough, there is another one to go. This is about 15% of users who break their phone by dropping it off their lap. That sounds silly but it’s a fact. Using a screen protector can be a great saviour here as it can protect your phone from crashing. So, invest in a good quality screen cover the moment you buy a new phone.About 10% of people break their screen in the first year and if they can survive the first year without any damage, the chances are that the phone would remain safe.

Water is the most commonly spilt liquid onto the phones with soda coming second. Beer comes the next which makes about 12% of the water damaged phones. So, keeping the phone away from water could actually save it from needing any cellphone repair.Hope going through the above has made you feel better. If there is any other fact that we missed out and you know of, do share with us.
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