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February 11, 2019
February 11, 2019
February 11, 2020
For over some decades Deccan engineering Works has been known for providing the highest quality in machining. From the early days of manual machines through today’s multi-axis precision CNC Machine tools imperial has been the complex machined components. We have built our reputation on reliably delivering machined components to our customers.
CNC machining (Computer Numerical controlled) is a means to remove material with high precision machines, using a variety of cutting tools to create that final design. Common CNC machines include milling machines, lathes and routers. CNC machines are built for precise manufacturing and repeatability which makes them highly scalable. Once the CNC tool path is created and the machine is programmed, so it can run apart once or 1,000 of times.
We are specialized in metals, aluminium and titanium and proficient at working with nickel and magnesium. We have the capability to manufacture from various raw material types including casting, sheet metal and bar stock. Our software reads CAD drawings for all types of parts and our staff is capable of handling high volume production runs for a wide range of projects. The commonality allows our CNC programmers to plan their work with the knowledge that tooling patterns that will be present on any machine tool the work is run on.
The tools used for precision CNC machining are controlled by our skilled staff with help of digital systems. Computer Numerical Control allows for particular control of positioning, feed rates and other precision aspects of the manufacturing process for a particular part. Our skilled craftsmen are well outfitted to work with a variety of metals including stainless steel, non-metallic materials for specialized applications. Our experts are experienced in precision aluminium parts.
Industries and Specialties
Deccan Engineering works with every customer’s project requirements. Examples of our precision CNC machining can be found in:
• Defense / Military
• Medical
• Wind Energy
• Aerospace
• Electronic enclosure
Precision CNC Machining for Defense Technologies
The Department of National Defense issued a specification for a high precision instrumentation cooling system of a fighter plane. From all available suppliers, they chose Deccan Engineering. The proper functioning of the instrumentation is highly dependent on the reliability of single investment casting. Deccan’s investment in the latest equipment and creative techniques underlines its commitment to staying one step ahead of the market.
Precision CNC Machining for Medical Implants
Machining parts with fine surface finishes are common in the aerospace and automotive markets, but medical implants manufacturing takes it to another level. The quality, precision and reliability of each part must be perfect. If an orthopaedic implant doesn’t work correctly, the health of a patient is affected. When the surgery is done, it just has to work. Global demographic trends indicate that the need for medical implants will grow and will compete in the market.
Precision CNC Machining for Aerospace
To meet aerospace machining demands, Deccan Engineering was able to make and deliver parts that well within their specifications consistently and flawlessly. Customers come to us for a precise solution, whether it is an obscure replacement part for an out of the production plane or new product development. Deccan routinely makes parts which hold angular tolerance of one minute and linear tolerance of over hundreds of parts.
Precision CNC Machining for Wind Energy
To maximize the effectiveness of the wind energy technologies, wind turbine components must be machined with the high degree of precision that we are consistently deliver, as it has done for the exacting specifications of the nuclear power and aerospace industries. When we think of nuclear power plants, we immediately think of safety, and we know that there is no room for error. If Deccan meets the demands of a nuclear power plant, it almost goes without saying that all industries will be well served.
We are committed to quality from the first stage of your projects to the last, with quality controls on effect for all of our precision CNC machining services. For more details on our precision CNC machining services, EDM and weld capabilities, please see our services and contact us directly to learn about our capabilities.
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